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New Anthology

I new anthology has been released containing 18 short stories.  I am one of the authors I wrote Afternoon Traffic Jam, the proceeds from the book will be going to Doctors without Borders.

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Started a New Short Story Today

Started working on a new short story, here is the opening paragraph.

Paulie sat up with a start and grabbed his chest, looking down he saw no blood or other signs he’d been hit, but walking towards him was the cop he was in a shoot out with. The cop didn’t have his gun pointed at him and didn’t seem to be in any hurry.  Paulie jumped to his feet and took off, bracing himself for more gunfire. If the cop wanted him he would have to kill him, no way was he going to give up when they had him on a murder rap.  When the gunfire didn’t come he imagined the cop must be chasing him on foot, as he turned his head to look over his shoulder and see, he was hit with an incredible shock of pain unlike anything he had ever felt before. At first he thought he must have been shot, but he’d had that happen twice before, once in the leg and once in the side, and it felt nothing like this.  The pain was white hot and shot through his entire being, it felt like every inch of his body was being torn apart from the tips of his toes to his finger tips.  Paulie collapsed to the ground face first and twitched, and just as suddenly as the pain had come it ended.

“Must have been a taser, I heard they hurt like a mother” he mumbled to himself.

Jumping to his feet as quickly as he could he whirled around ready to fight, but the cop was no where near him.  In fact he was ten yards back and kneeling over a body, a body with a blue jean jacket, black pants, and red Converse All-Stars.  Paulie looked down at his clothes, the same clothes as on the body, and realization dawned on him.

“That’s right chief, that’s your body” came a voice from behind him.

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