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A Little Contest

I have decided to host a contest here. 

I am starting a short story about a man whose, as he ages, eyesight begins to fade.  He gets a prescription for glasses, but as he wears them he begins seeing things he shouldn’t  and wouldn’t want to see.

Readers can submit title ideas for this short story and I will (arbitrarily) select the best five and give those people a free copy of my book through a coupon on Smashwords.

Anyone interested please send an email to with the subject “Story Title”. I will let this run until April 13th so get submitting.

Good Luck!

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Interview of Barbara Silkstone

I recently had  a chance to interview Indie horror writer Barbara Silkstone.    I sent her a list of questions and to my great suprise instead of simply answering the questions she sent a great write up, so here it is for your enjoyment.

Horror in Pink

It was my first horror writers’ conference. I was jazzed at the thought of rubbing elbows with some of my heroes of horror, both wet and dry. Horror is my first love. I was going to meet with writers who possessed the gift for tormenting their fans with chilling tales. I read the roster of famous and infamous authors, dropped my registration form in the mail, and looked forward to the four day event.

I’d accidentally met Stephen King at the World Fantasy Conference the year before. He was so kind and encouraging, despite my telling him to ‘shhh…’  during a screening from Blade Runner. Later that day, he took a quick read of some of my works and told me I was good… just needed to keep at it..

Thrilled to be carrying a green-light from the “King” I signed up for the World Horror Conference in Providence on Halloween weekend. 

Afflicted with the “What to Wear” syndrome, I dashed to the store to buy an outfit for the event. First lesson I learned… true horror writers don’t care what they’re wearing as long as it’s black and the top is a t-shirt and the bottoms are jeans.  In my excitement I imagined myself chatting with Robert Bloch or sharing a brewski with the editors of Fangoria. I’d been published in small press horror … Haunts and Thin Ice… well-intentioned pubs that didn’t last. I imagined I was about to be discovered.

Up until that date (and ever since) I have never owned a single pink garment.  I’m not a “pink.” I’m a black or turquoise, never pink. Somewhere between my house and the shops I began to channel someone else. She must have been some fru-fru lady with ringlets in her hair and rosy cheeks. She probably wore five-inch heels and perfume. Whoever she was, she looked like me and used my credit cards. She returned home with a pink dress. It wasn’t just a pink dress; it was sissy-pink with a big lace collar.  What was I thinking?  I still wonder.

A few days later I arrived at the World Horror Conference, went up to my room, and changed into the dress. I came back down to the conference ballroom. Everyone was dressed in black. The Los Angeles  crowd looked like Tim Burton sketches from Nightmare Before Christmas. I stood out like a wedding cake at cemetery. 

Robert Bloch smiled at me. It was a pity smile. I wandered over and complimented him on his suit. It was a dapper outfit taken from a Raymond Chandler novel. Wide labels and double-breasted. “Nice suit,” I said.  With a twitch at the corner of his mouth he said, “I get them at a very quiet place. You can always get the trousers, the jackets are hard to come by.”  Somehow in all my pinkness, I understood his joke. He shopped at a funeral parlor.

A fairly well-known horror writer started to play eye-hockey with me. He stared. I stared back. He was a guest on a panel discussing blood and gore. He sat high on the dais, but kept sneaking peeks at me. I was a lone “pastel” in a sea of darkness. When the discussion was over, he came to me salivating with curiosity.  We sat in the hotel bar and he peppered me with questions about my life. I thought perhaps my natural charm was showing. I was being discovered.  It never occurred to me that I was such an oddity in pink I might show up as a victim in his next book.  I spent the rest of the day under the microscope of other authors of the macabre. One after another they queued up to spend time with me. I was suddenly surprisingly popular. Was I discovered?

The following night there came a knock on my hotel room door.  Two of the female horror groupies stood there.  One placed a crumpled tiara on my head. The other handed me a homemade trophy. They declared me the “Honorary B—ch” of the Conference. “If you weren’t so nice, we’d hate you. Every guy here is following you. Don’t you dare wear pink to another conference!”

I had attracted attention, but the wrong kind. ‘We’re coming to get you, Barbara….’

Somewhere along the writing path that became my life, I discovered I had a gift for dissecting and reassembling fairy tales. A touch of Dr. Frankenstein. My best selling Kindle book… The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters is drawn from the classics but bent to fit our contemporary world.  Blood and gore you can laugh at. The tag line for The Secret Diary of Alice is ~ A murder by beheading sends Alice Harte, reluctant real estate broker for thugs, running into the arms of Nigel Channing, a charming British con man.

I’m putting the final touches on Wendy & the Lost Boys. My heroine does battle with Hook, Kroc and pirates on the high seas while solving the grotesque murder of her friend and rediscovering the lost boys. This second book in my new series will be published on Kindle in June.

As far as favorite authors and books … Stephen King will always be “King” and The Shining the perfect horror novel. It was the inspiration for my sojourn into genre. Poe was the all-time genius and then again… I adore Raymond Chandler. Keep it short and sweet. I prefer dry horror to the wet stuff.

Regarding collaboration… Never say never but then again… he travels swiftest, who travels alone.

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters :

I can be found rambling around my blog…

Barb’s Wire – eBooks and More

 I co-blog with best-selling authors

 Karen Cantwell – Take the Monkeys and Run and LC Evans – We Interrupt This Date

We dish out sit down humor at… A Moose Walked into a Bar

 I’m on Facebook as Barbara Silkstone

I tweet at barbsilkstone


New Anthology

I new anthology has been released containing 18 short stories.  I am one of the authors I wrote Afternoon Traffic Jam, the proceeds from the book will be going to Doctors without Borders.

Amazon link

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My Interview on the Independent Paranormal

You can read the interview I gave, I thought it came out rather good.

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I gave an interview

I gave an interview to the Written Connection, you can read it here

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Interview of J.E. Taylor

I recently interviwed  J.E. Taylor, you can view her author spotlight here.

Q: Who are the three most influential authors to you?

 A: Stephen King –  I loved being scared – after all, wandering through a cemetery at midnight was a fun past time for me and my friends in high school – so his stories certainly fit the bill in satisfying my adrenaline rush needs.  

Lawrence Sanders – this is the first “serial killer” series that I read and I think I was in high school and I can still remember both story lines of The First Deadly Sin and The Third Deadly Sin.  Chilling.

Sidney Sheldon – two of my favorites were Rage of Angels – which after reading I actually entertained becoming a lawyer but I didn’t end up following that career path – and Master of the Game which impressed upon me the weaving of generations into one dark and multifaceted story. 

Q: What are your three favorite stories/books?

A: The Stand
Executive Orders
The Skin Trade

Q: What type of horror do you write – thrillers, cosmic horror, strange fiction, gothic horror, or something else?

A: Most of my writing falls into the thriller vein – whether mainstream thriller or erotic thriller or gory thriller, I’ve been told they read more like a horror novel and that could be due to my propensity to ratchet up the tension in a story. 

I do have a couple short stories that I would categorize as more traditional horror – Nightmares and Grayson House.

You can find my full list of short stories and novels here on Amazon.

Q:   Have you ever collaborated with another writer or considered collaborating?

A: I’ve toyed with the idea, but never followed through with it.  An opportunity to co-write a Noir fiction book came up, but my voice was so far from the original author that I couldn’t fathom trying to write something cohesive.   If I were to go this route, it would have to be with a like-minded author who is just as twisted as I am. 

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your work?

A: Primarily nightmares – they usually spark of an idea and I go from there.  Other influences in no particular order: current events, history, personal experiences and so on and so forth. 

Q: What can you tell us about your current project?

A: My most recent book – Hunting Season – is up on Amazon in paperback and I’m currently waiting for the e-book items to publish.  Initially, I was planning on rolling this out in May, but it’s done, it’s edited and packaged and since I’m driving this one myself, I don’t have to wait for a particular date.   I will have a “formal” launch on May 13, 2011 and I wanted to make sure the book was available on all the proper venues before I roll out the red carpet. 

Hunting Season is a cross between Criminal Minds and Supernatural and I had a blast writing it.  Here’s the blurb:

When Kyle Winslow escapes from custody and targets everyone Special Agent Steve Williams cares about, a turn of fate brings Steve face to face with Ty Aris – a criminal mastermind topping the FBI’s most wanted list.  Torn between justice and vengeance, Steve must make a decision. Join alliances with Ty, or arrest him and lose his best chance to catch the bastard who destroyed his family.   

Q:  Do you belong to any writer organizations?

A: Yes.  I’m in a local chapter of Romance Writers of America and I’m a member of Backspace ( which I would highly suggest for any new writers on the block – I learned so much from the folks in the Backspace forum and would not be as far as I am without their help and influence.

Q: Are you a published or self published author?

A: Both.  My first five books were published through a small e-publisher family.  The erotic thrillers through eXcessica and the mainstream through their sister company Fido Publishing.   My side job of formatting manuscripts for eXcessica has put me in a position where I’m ready to venture on my own with Hunting Season.  Of course, I called in a couple favors and had the book edited and proofed before I rolled it out and for a self-published author this step is very important to bring an error free book to the virtual shelves. 

Q:  When was your first work published and how many do you have published to date?

A: My first story Nightmares was accepted by Niteblade and published in December of 2008.  My first published novel – Dark Reckoning (the first in the Steve Williams series) came out last year on my birthday.  July 5, 2010.  Very nice birthday gift. 

As of today, with the inclusion of Hunting Season, I have six books published.  I also have eleven short stories available through Smashwords and Amazon.   

You can find out more about me and my books at my website: www.JETaylor75.comStop in, sign the guestbook and let me know what you think. 

Thanks for having me!

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Started a New Short Story Today

Started working on a new short story, here is the opening paragraph.

Paulie sat up with a start and grabbed his chest, looking down he saw no blood or other signs he’d been hit, but walking towards him was the cop he was in a shoot out with. The cop didn’t have his gun pointed at him and didn’t seem to be in any hurry.  Paulie jumped to his feet and took off, bracing himself for more gunfire. If the cop wanted him he would have to kill him, no way was he going to give up when they had him on a murder rap.  When the gunfire didn’t come he imagined the cop must be chasing him on foot, as he turned his head to look over his shoulder and see, he was hit with an incredible shock of pain unlike anything he had ever felt before. At first he thought he must have been shot, but he’d had that happen twice before, once in the leg and once in the side, and it felt nothing like this.  The pain was white hot and shot through his entire being, it felt like every inch of his body was being torn apart from the tips of his toes to his finger tips.  Paulie collapsed to the ground face first and twitched, and just as suddenly as the pain had come it ended.

“Must have been a taser, I heard they hurt like a mother” he mumbled to himself.

Jumping to his feet as quickly as he could he whirled around ready to fight, but the cop was no where near him.  In fact he was ten yards back and kneeling over a body, a body with a blue jean jacket, black pants, and red Converse All-Stars.  Paulie looked down at his clothes, the same clothes as on the body, and realization dawned on him.

“That’s right chief, that’s your body” came a voice from behind him.

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Interview With Horror Writer Kipp Poe Speicher

I had a chance to chat with indie writer and amateur film maker Kipp Speicher. You can find his books on Amazon here.

Q: Who are the three most influential authors to you?

A: Edgar Allen Poe has been my biggest influence since I first started reading, and it is how I got the nick name Kipp Poe.

Then comes my strange obsession with John Milton and his epic poem Paradise Lost.

I have read many other horror writers for many years with King, Barker, and Straub but now I have been reading a lot of William S. Burroughs his stuff is out there but his language is so unique.

Q: What are your three favorite stories/books?

A: Clive Barker’s A Thief of Always
Poe’s The Raven
Roderick Macleish Prince Ombra Just looked on Amazon it’s going for $40 and I have the hard cover.

Q: Do you write fiction or non-fiction? If fiction do you write a specific genre?

A: I only write fiction and it would fall under strange Horror, I’m also working on a crime novel with very strange elements in it. But all my work is very dark and dreadful.

Q: Have you ever collaborated with another writer or considered collaborating?

A: I have not yet but have been considering it I have met some of the greatest writers in just under a year that has the same passion I have for stories of darkness that I think could work well with.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your work?

A: I have once again fallen in love with reading again and with my Kindle I can pick up some many different types of works. I have been reading lots of pulp crime novels that brings lots of inspiration. I am also obsessed with music that I feed my imagination plenty.

Q: What can you tell us about your current project?

A: I’m working on three projects right now
LISTEN: is an end of the world type book dealing with nature.
THE NEW JUNK: Sex, Drugs, and Bugs
A Question Of Time: The return of the Torso Killer tears apart another small town in Ohio

Having read extensively about the Butcher of Kingsbury Run I’m looking forward to what you do with this last one.

Q: Do you belong to any writer organizations?

A: No not yet but I have been looking into it, I’m thinking of starting one if I can’t find one to get a group of writers together and critique each other work, and help out in marketing our work.

Q: Are you a published or self published author?

A: I am self published I like the ability to write unrestrained and work on any project I want to work on. I really like the marketing and social networking of the whole process, I also like doing my cover art and tinker around doing trailers for my books.

It is a great time for the Writer, and the Reader right now with the eBook revolution we are able to find great books that probably never would of seen the light of day, and also we can find an audience for what we write.

Thanks for the interview it was fun
You can visit Kipp on his youtube channel and watch some of his trailers and videos.  You can also visit him at his blog here or follow him on twitter.

Die Already

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New Article on the RFI website

New 1st edition AD&D article posted on the RFI website

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