Interview With Horror Writer Kipp Poe Speicher

I had a chance to chat with indie writer and amateur film maker Kipp Speicher. You can find his books on Amazon here.

Q: Who are the three most influential authors to you?

A: Edgar Allen Poe has been my biggest influence since I first started reading, and it is how I got the nick name Kipp Poe.

Then comes my strange obsession with John Milton and his epic poem Paradise Lost.

I have read many other horror writers for many years with King, Barker, and Straub but now I have been reading a lot of William S. Burroughs his stuff is out there but his language is so unique.

Q: What are your three favorite stories/books?

A: Clive Barker’s A Thief of Always
Poe’s The Raven
Roderick Macleish Prince Ombra Just looked on Amazon it’s going for $40 and I have the hard cover.

Q: Do you write fiction or non-fiction? If fiction do you write a specific genre?

A: I only write fiction and it would fall under strange Horror, I’m also working on a crime novel with very strange elements in it. But all my work is very dark and dreadful.

Q: Have you ever collaborated with another writer or considered collaborating?

A: I have not yet but have been considering it I have met some of the greatest writers in just under a year that has the same passion I have for stories of darkness that I think could work well with.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your work?

A: I have once again fallen in love with reading again and with my Kindle I can pick up some many different types of works. I have been reading lots of pulp crime novels that brings lots of inspiration. I am also obsessed with music that I feed my imagination plenty.

Q: What can you tell us about your current project?

A: I’m working on three projects right now
LISTEN: is an end of the world type book dealing with nature.
THE NEW JUNK: Sex, Drugs, and Bugs
A Question Of Time: The return of the Torso Killer tears apart another small town in Ohio

Having read extensively about the Butcher of Kingsbury Run I’m looking forward to what you do with this last one.

Q: Do you belong to any writer organizations?

A: No not yet but I have been looking into it, I’m thinking of starting one if I can’t find one to get a group of writers together and critique each other work, and help out in marketing our work.

Q: Are you a published or self published author?

A: I am self published I like the ability to write unrestrained and work on any project I want to work on. I really like the marketing and social networking of the whole process, I also like doing my cover art and tinker around doing trailers for my books.

It is a great time for the Writer, and the Reader right now with the eBook revolution we are able to find great books that probably never would of seen the light of day, and also we can find an audience for what we write.

Thanks for the interview it was fun
You can visit Kipp on his youtube channel and watch some of his trailers and videos.  You can also visit him at his blog here or follow him on twitter.

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